Hello, I am Caio Marcelo (in IRC the nickname is cmarcelo) and this is my brand new blog, mostly focused on technology, like many blogs I like to read.

I had a previous attempt, at blogspot, started almost two years ago to talk about my Summer of Code project. And the last post is from one year ago. I was very excited about our Free Software group in Unicamp (my university).

Since then, a lot of changes have taken place. I was hired by INdT (Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia) to work as a researcher on the OpenBossa labs in Recife/PE. This was about 8 months ago, when I joined the amazing people in the Concepts team and with them helped build Canola2 (and contributed to lots of open source libraries to make it work), a media center for Nokia’s Internet tablets. After much work we have a great product for the tablets.

Well, that’s it for now. I have some other posts still in draft about other changes — the most dramatic being the one about leaving Vim to use Emacs. Let’s see if this time I keep a good posting rate :-)